Making sure that every area in your office has a seamless high-speed internet connection is made easy with the Ekahau Heatmapping Software. A part of Ekahau Connect, the complete suite of hardware and software tools for promoting perfect Wi-Fi access. The Ekahau Heatmapping Software is a free tool for 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.

What is Wi-Fi Heatmapping?

Access to perfect Wi-Fi signal strength can be affected by a wide range of factors. Such as physical objects or non-physical interfering signals.

Due to this interference, certain areas within your office could suffer from a bad Wi-Fi signal. Common issues include dead zones, dropouts, or low internet speeds.

Wi-Fi Heatmapping allows you to create visual images of the signal strength in different areas of your office. This is usually shown in four colors – green, yellow, orange, and red. The color green stand for perfect Wi-Fi strength and high-speed internet connectivity. Yellow and orange stand for average strength signals. Red stands for low or no access to Wi-Fi signals.

The Ekahau Wi-Fi coverage and mapping tool allow you to easily upload your office layout on to the software. Then you can survey the area to see locations that have a great signal and pinpoint areas that are suffering from poor Wi-Fi access. With this information, you can now take steps to ensure that great Wi-Fi access is available anywhere in your office and promote high-speed signal and strength everywhere within your layout.

How Can Ekahau Heatmapping Software Help You?

Ekahau Heatmapping software comes with Wi-Fi heatmaps and coast to coast IT Field Services and Support.

Ekahau Heatmapping software also fully works with other software in the Ekahau Connect suite.

You can:

Wi-Fi Heatmaps let you locate problem areas within your office. It also provides you with visual data on the kind of Wi-Fi strength that’s available across your space. The Ekahau Heatmapping software comes with a very simple user interface and is free to use. It can automatically locate nearby access points and also detects their security settings. This information tells you how best you can correct your Wi-Fi signal strength to provide high performing and high-speed internet connection across your office space.

How Do You Use Ekahau Heatmapping Software?

Ekahau Heatmapping software can be downloaded for free. Once you’ve installed it on your device, you’ll have to upload a layout of your office space.

When the layout has been uploaded, you’ll have to walk around to survey the office area with the device on which Ekahau Heatmapping software has been installed.

Ekahau Heatmapping software will automatically locate the nearest access points, plot the signal strength, and generate a Heatmap of the area.

The green areas on the Heatmap will show perfect signal strength, while the red areas show poor signal strength and Wi-Fi performance. Once you know the location of the areas where Wi-Fi signal strength is bad, you’ll be able to determine what is interfering with the signal strength.

After Heatmapping, you can turn to Ekahau Connect. The all-inclusive suite contains everything you need to diagnose, analyze, boost and optimize seamless Wi-Fi access throughout your office area.


We hope we have explained the benefits of using Ekahau Heatmapping Software to boost your Wi-Fi Signals. We encourage you to download this software and start seeing the benefits today!