With the speed and accessibility of the internet at almost every person’s fingertips, businesses are quickly realizing the importance of free and fast Wi-Fi for customers. From restaurants to retail shops to law firms, having a strong and stable connection is becoming a must-have for customers. Here are 3 easy ways to boost your office Wi-Fi speeds:

1. Set Up The Guest Wi-Fi

This is the most basic remedy to boost your office Wi-Fi speed. Many guests coming to your office will expect to get access to the Wi-Fi. Some of these guests will even rely on the office Wi-Fi to get their business documents from the cloud or maybe reply to emails.

Well, whatever the case might be, it’s always a great idea to offer guest Wi-Fi instead of giving access to your company network.

Here are two reasons for it:

Don’t think you’re being stingy. You’re just ensuring that a visitor doesn’t accidentally disturb any operations at your office by streaming an FHD video or downloading a large-sized file.

2. Boost The Signal

Another great way to boost Wi-Fi speeds in your office is by using a signal booster. This way, the compensation for barriers such as walls and frequency of the same wavelength, will be done and the WiFi signal strength would be good.

A signal booster amplifies the Wi-Fi signals coming from the router. This way the Wi-Fi signals cover most of your office’s area.

It’s also advised to strategically place the signal booster so it can easily receive good signals from the router and transmit it (amplified) to the office spaces where your router couldn’t reach earlier.

3. Ensure Wi-Fi Signals Are Strong – Wi-Fi Heat Mapping

Wi-Fi heat mapping allows you to find blind spots in your WiFi signal.

Did you know? Physical objects, as well as non-physical signals, can hamper the Wi-Fi signal strength.

Due to these interferences, some areas within your office may receive poor Wi-Fi signals. Some common issues caused by it include dropouts, slow internet speeds, dead zones, etc.

However, WiFi heat mapping will allow you to build visual images of the signal strength at different locations within your office. The visual interpretation is usually done in four colors: red, orange, yellow, and green.

The yellow & orange colors represent average Wi-Fi signal strength, red stands for low or zero access to Wi-Fi signals, and the green represents perfect Wi-Fi signals.

You can use WiFi heat mapping technology to find weak Wi-Fi signal strength areas within your office and use remedies such as signal boosting, relocation of the router, etc.


In today’s time, access to a high-speed internet connection has become a necessity, especially at offices. Therefore, businesses are realizing the importance of implementing remedies to boost their office Wi-Fi speeds.

We hope the 3 ways to boost your office Wi-Fi speeds we discussed above helped you. But if nothing works, you may consider upgrading your router technology.