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Field Services

Qualified and Available

Field Service Experts Available where you need them

A team of trained and well-qualified technicians from Echo Communications LTD. is always available to cater to your cabling and IT needs. Our field service experts can visit your site to deliver the required services, no matter where you are in Canada.

We will deploy qualified engineer(s) at your client’s location to deliver the required IT services. Our team will work under the directions of your engineering group and project managers. We can handle projects of any magnitude, from those requiring a few hours of expert deployment to those demanding a longer service duration of several months.

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LAN / WAN Installations

Our trained and experienced service team will visit your location to install your pre-configured networking equipment. Our extensive experience allows us to ensure your engineering team has remote access to the equipment as quickly as possible for turnup and testing. We always leave the cabling and work area neat.

Whether the installation is at a single site or involves multiple locations, we are ready for service across Canada. Read More.

Structured Cabling

Our technicians are certified in structured cable installations for commercial purposes. We are well-experienced in providing inside wiring installations beyond the demarcation point.

We perform any installation within deadlines so that you are able to cater to the critical data and voice distribution needs of your clients without delays. Our technicians are well-knowledgeable of local regulations and building safety codes. Our installations are standard-compliant. Read More.

Here For you

Why Choose Us

  • A wide range of dedicated IT services
  • Certified and well-trained technicians
  • All installations performed in compliance with national standards
  • Experience in working with direct as well as 3rd party service providers
  • Services available across Canada
  • A dedicated project management office prevents project delays
  • Hands-on experience in working with a wide range of vendor products
  • Stellar reputation for onsite client service
  • Service flexibility where needed
  • Installations that facilitate easier troubleshooting in future
  • Clear communication back to all involved in the project
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