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Wireless, LAN/WAN and Telephony Surveys

Echo Communications is pleased to offer our professional site survey services, including Wireless, LAN/WAN, and Telephony Surveys.

A site survey is a first and most critical step you need to take to provide custom-tailored solutions for your customers. An inspection of your customer’s location to gather information is key to designing any technology solution. An initial accurate and detailed survey ensures a smooth implementation.

Surveys for Sites Big or Small

We can use your site survey template or we can design one to meet the specific requirements of your project. An accurate, clear, and concise survey document is critical to a successful site survey. We present our site survey deliverables and work with you until you have all your questions answered with the information you need.

We are certified to work in industrial and construction environments. We have completed LAN/WAN, Wireless, and Telephony surveys in a variety of locations including office buildings, commercial locations, and very large oil refineries.

With a large project that encompasses many remote locations (remote locations, buildings, or network closets) it is key in keeping all the information organized and indexed. We have the processes and experience to handle site surveys for projects with hundreds of distributed locations as well as campuses and industrial sites with hundreds of network closets.

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