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Wireless Access Point Installation

Most companies are now moving towards wireless technology as it provides greater flexibility and better access to the network from any location. You can avoid the hassles of having physical cables all over, giving your office a neater and classier look. Also, wireless technology needs lesser equipment that significantly brings down costs.

At Echo Communications Ltd, we can help your office go wireless. Our certified engineers can help install wireless equipment and pre-configured access points at any of your sites. Our staff is highly trained and familiar with all the latest technology. We can thus provide our Wireless Access Point installation service irrespective of the vendor equipment you use.

Timely and Detailed

Projects Completed On Time and on Budget

At Echo Communications Ltd we are committed to providing timely and flawless service. Our Project Management office ensures all delays and difficulties are avoided by co-ordination with all the involved parties. We also have substantial experience working with 3rd party engineering and project management groups.

Our technical team will work closely with your engineers to make sure that everything is done according to your specifications. Upon completion of the project, we will also provide pictures and an As-Built document, and any other documentation that you may need.

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