LAN / WAN Network Installations

Our certified engineers can install LAN/WAN equipment in offices located anywhere across the country.

We will dispatch to your location and install the pre-configured routers/switches/firewalls. Our technicians are trained and prepared to assist with any configuration that may be required. You tell us what equipment and tools are required and we arrive on-site, on time, and prepared to complete the scope of work.

Our resources are familiar with technology and not just a certain vendor’s product. This allows us to provide our LAN/WAN installation service regardless of what vendor’s equipment you roll out.

Our Project Management Office takes care of all the coordination with all involved parties to ensure that delays and difficulties are avoided.  We have extensive experience working in conjunction with service providers as well as third-party engineering and project management groups.

Big Or small

We work with your team to complete any job

We have worked on LAN/WAN installations that have a single site to projects that involve multiple visits to 200 locations across the country. Our technical resources work closely with your engineering group and are constantly in touch with our project management office.

We will provide pictures and an As-Built document upon completion of the project along with any other requested documentation.

If we have provided the resources for a site survey we ensure that the same resource is sent back to the site to perform the installation. This technical and site knowledge continuity ensures a smooth installation. If you require ongoing operational support beyond the installation, we can provide the SLA that matches your requirements.

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