Digital And LED Displays

Digital And LED Display Installation

Our certified technicians can design and install large-format Multi TV and Mini LED display arrangements.

We start with defining the requirements for your project and what products would best suit your application. From there, our skilled designers will create a solution that aligns with the desired outcome. Following the design stage, our experienced installers will deliver and install the final solution on site. We perform both off and on-site testing of the products before during and after the installation to ensure that the final display installation will be one that lasts.

Small Or Big

LED Wall Displays

Venue owners, advertisers, and event coordinators know that video walls and giant screens make a big visual impact, thus their growing popularity. First coming into use in the 1980s as the “jumbotron” displays in sports stadiums, large-format displays now account for the biggest segment of the digital signage market at more than 27% of revenues in 2020.

We offer custom LED wall display solutions that provide excellent marketing, advertising and promotional exposure.

Best Quality Products

Phillips Authorized Dealer

As an authorized Phillips Dealer and Installer, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best quality products and service.

We have a variety of options that we can provide to adapt to any application big or small.

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